Here’s what people say about Resume League after using our service.


I thought I had a great resume and wasn’t expecting too many changes.  One week after I had decided to use Resume League and I got my new resume, I realized I was really underselling myself!  I got a competitiveradiology position and was offered way more than I thought I would earn.  Thanks Josh!
-Felix B. in CA, 2015

I really liked the checklist that was sent over to me, it kind of reminded me how much I’ve actually done.  It took a few weeks of grinding but I finally landed a position that I LOVE.  This is the best $100 you can spend!!!

-Ron P. in TX, 2012

Resume League completely re-did my resume and it looks awesome. I didn’t know they did graphic design on resumes but when they showed me the final product, I was floored!  Thank you so much!

-Kennith M. in NY, 2014

I was working at Home Depot and in 3 weeks got a job at Amazon!  Josh was really friendly.

-Alyssa A. in NJ, 2017

I’ve been applying for manager positions in hotels with no experience.  I really like that Josh got me to realize how much manager experience I really had at my job and in my hobbies.

-Danny A. in NY, 2015

I would whole-heartedly recommend Resume League to anyone.  I needed my resume FAST and Josh got it back to me before the date he promised.  What a life saver!

-Halida R. in NY, 2016

I really liked that Josh did as many edits as needed to get it perfect. I needed a side job because I’m a full time musician so finding something that worked around my schedule was tough. He helped me think of fields that would work with my schedule and we found the right experience that matched what [the venues] were looking for.  I really like where I work now and it’s even opened a lot of doors in the music industry!  Josh is awesome!!!

-Johnny C. in NY, 2017

My field requires a lot of technical jargon which they took the time to look up.  Definitely worth the price.

-Jefferey D. in IL, 2016

Hi Josh, English is not my first language so thank you so much for writing my resume for me.

-Jorge P. in NE, 2016

Thank you Josh, there is no way I could’ve gotten my job in Korea without this resume.  keep up the good work.

-Keir C. in South Korea, 2015

There is no way that I could’ve made my resume look this good.  Josh is such a professional and always got back to me really quickly.  Idea just started pouring out when I was on the phone with him.  Thank you, Josh!!!

-Nakia A., in NY, 2014